Network Management 101

Having a computer at home can be tough especially with kids around. Because this means that you would always have to be on your toes when trying to supervise the way they treat your machine.

Of course you can’t blame kids for some of the things they do, but you sure can blame yourself if you ever spill a cup of coffee on the keyboard or forgot to shut down the darn machine properly and the next day find it messed up. So having a computer is good but it’s also a big responsibility as well as a great investment.

Nobody can deny the huge amount of use that we can get out of the computer. From the office to the home computers play a major part in the way the present society goes about their individual tasks and responsibilities. Computers can be utilized in thousands of ways that in each own little way affect how we people go about their lives, their jobs and their relationships.

In the commercial and business sector the computer plays the role of the secretary and the intelligence officer as said by analys at Everything from the company’s secret to their rival’s secret is safely locked away in the memory banks and the data storage devices of computers.

Computer’s in the industrial sector are responsible for keeping and maintaining project files and other sensitive materials that could spell the life and death of a company and all the people working there. That’s one mighty fine reason they keep in the very heart of the company and most of the time they are tightly guarded.

Nowadays, giant companies in the country deploy the use of wireless network connections to keep up with the rest of the world. But they do this for more than just keeping up. They do this to ensure that their network can be safer and much more efficient than getting hard wired.

But not only in companies can you see the wide and massive utilization of this new technology. Households and homes are now starting to get their devices hooked up to wireless networks. Home wireless network systems are now catching up and overtaking the wired LAN (local area network) connection for network connections.

Computer companies, Internet service providers and even telephone and cable companies are now encouraging common house folks to have their local LAN wireless. This is due to the fact that wireless networks are relatively easier to install, they much more convenient than hard cabled LAN and they are much, much easier to maintain and manage than the wired LAN.

But how can a sophisticated technology be so darn easy to manage than the older technology? As we know technologies undergo development for three purposes, one is to make it much cheaper to have, two make it much easier to install and more convenient to the end-user and the three make the technology as worry-free and maintenance free as possible.

These are the core features of a wireless network connection that make more popular than the older hard wired network connection.

Now to know how easy it really is to manage a home wireless network, let’s take this few points of comparison of the wireless against the hard wired. When managing the home wireless network there some things you would have to look into. One is the equipment or the pieces of equipment that are necessary for your wireless network to be running in tiptop condition.

Checking the wireless router once in a while and making sure that all the lights are blinking and the machine is not getting wet at any time. As opposed to wired network routers here, you would also have to check if the wires are installed properly and every terminal or ports are not loosely fitted.

Cables are another thing. In managing and maintaining a wireless network connection you have no worries about cabling because there are no cables. Because of this you spend less time inspecting if the equipment is still working properly.

Another good thing about managing a home wireless network is that peripherals are easily added and deleted as needed. Unlike in a hard wired network connection, if you feel that you would need another device like a scanner the wiring comes into mind again.

Besides the actual cost of the equipment, the cost of the cabling will also come in to mind. Now wireless network connection is in a nutshell, a technology developed for people who pass on the management issues and foil ups to subordinate. Because they less time to think about how it works, they just want it to work.


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