Repeater Function In Computer Networking

Using repeater is mandatory for tall buildings, for example, is the office, companies, warehouses, and so, why? as a repeater or Network Repeater is a device that serves to overcome the problem of limited range or the signal quality of a computer network segment.

While the buildings are always experiencing a weak signal conditions in because of the size of the building so that the farther from the weaker transmitter signal is obtained, therefore it was the building – large buildings must use a repeater.

Repeater is also one computer networking hardware as hardware that supports the connection is more widespread.

How It Works And Examples Repeater

How it works repeater is spreading data across the network though the data is not in need of it will eventually spread to the entire network, the data dissemination or access performance will decrease more slowly if the increasing number of signal stops (Station) and the increase in data traffic.

Repeaters are typically installed at the point – to a point to update the transmission of signals coming to the condition of the signal as the current in the first radiated from the transmitter. For example repeater is HUB, HUB is also often referred to as multiport / modular.

Function – Repeater function on the Network

Repeater has many functions in addition to expanding the reach of the signal, repeaters also provide comfort for those who work in tall office building. A long time before there is a repeater when a weak signal upstairs office is very difficult to work and decrease your productivity.

Especially on a large scale can make a bankrupt company’s office in because productivity because employees no trouble signal. Here are some of the functions of a repeater in a network:

1. Extending the Reach signal Area

Expanding the area signal range is the main function of the repeater according to, many people buy a repeater for this is due to the limited range of a wireless transmitter or what we call wi-fi. Repeater is rarely used by a restaurant, cafe, or a mini restaurant, because of the use of wi-fi at home eating a small scale and not too important, if there is no repeater productivity of its employees keep it running.

However, unlike the case with large buildings, offices, companies, and so on. Their productivity depends on the signal transmitter in because era of globalization all the modern convenience of data per data is sent through the signal. If the signal is interrupted, the employee productivity will also decrease, therefore the use of wi-fi in the large building can be categorized using a large scale. Therefore, when the use of wi-fi on a large scale which means they need tools that expand the signal coverage area of ??the so-called repeaters.

2. Reduce Costs

Repeater will help you as an entrepreneur who has a large building in the financial sector. Would you believe repeater can connect two adjacent buildings? You have to believe, because the repeater can connect two adjacent buildings, with the ability that extend the range of the signal area.

If no signal then it implies that you can communicate and does not need to be down through the elevator and then walk to the next building did not you? 2 Imagine building your company using only one transmitter only, of course your company’s spending will be smaller with the help of the repeater. Moreover, the cost of the signal transmitter to the office now can say the price is quite expensive, it will greatly save your company is not it?

3. Save Time

If the signal transmitter is located on the basement floor so the signal upstairs not miss out, then plug the repeater in the middle – the middle of the floor between the basement and the top floor but better position closer to the repeater transmitter signal. Mileage signal repeater that is as far as our eyes look (Line Of Sight), which means repeater can also penetrate between floors, in other words it will save a lot of your time.

You so do not need to take the data down to the floor if your boss downstairs while you’re working on the upper floors, thus simplifying communication and its practices against the bosses and their employees. With this repeater function makes employees can save time so that employees can increase productivity and can save more time to rest.

The advantages of Repeater

Benefits repeater very big impact to the office, companies, warehouses, factories, and so on because they tend to have large buildings.

– Radiating signal to every corner in a building
– Provide better and distribute the signal to every user
– Internet access becomes easier unhindered appropriate location for wireless
– Enables the user to use the internet access on any device without restrictions limit user

But the greatest impact on the feeling that the employees because it can increase productivity so employees can demonstrate its ability and save a lot of time to rest.

In addition to the excess repeater has an disadvantage that can not filter the incoming data, so all entries will be visible to anyone who wears the same network, it is fatal in fact if the company is sending a file that is confidential to one employee in trust over the network which is extended by repeater then everyone could see the file.


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